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Friendly neighbors invite each other over for coffee. Really friendly neighbors offer substantially more. As soon as I went into a condo down from the waterfront, I was really looking forward to the classier neighborhood, the easy access to outdoor cafes, not to mention babe watching. The waterfront has always been the best people watching place in the city, and as soon as spring arrives, the hot bodies are out parading their best material up and down the boulevard. I was sitting outside one Sunday morning once I noticed this extremely rather golden blonde, modest but tight, strolling lazily, but looking for a table. They were all taken, so I waved to get her eye and signaled that she could join me. I was pleased when she accepted my offer, but disappointed when she asked for two double cappuccinos to go. That is, until she described that she worked from home and her water wasn't working in the kitchen and she just needed a break before tackling the issue of no water from the kitchen sink. I offered my assistance, even though I know nothing about plumbing, and she accepted. I also ordered a java to go and we walked to my condo complex. One more time this morning I was happily surprised to learn she lived only one floor down. Her name was Ginger, and she was a web editor and worked weekends from residence updating news items and features for a massive search engine. We went into the kitchen and I checked under the sink. There is a large bulky plastic bag which wedged up against the knob which turns the water on and off. I pushed it aside, turned the knob, and presto! Instant water. Ginger took that quite well, and jumped into my arms to thank me. I wondered later if she had turned the knob herself! Her appreciation quickly turned to fire, and she was tugging the clothing off of both of our bodies. It turned out the she was very good with her fingers, and tongue, and mouth, and body. I loved every inch of her firm flesh all over that kitchen, tasting her sweet puss and giving her all of mine. After exploding for the 3rd time, she finally took me to the bedroom to relax and catch our breath. It turned out Ginger did more than only web editing, she also belonged to a dating service with highly social individuals who like to have as much spontaneous adult fun as they could. She suggested I join, and I have been meeting women like Ginger ever since. But, you never forget the very first time, do you?


Dating In Evansville Indiana

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Mollie: I haven't been on here too often anymore, so damn horny
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Kristie: Good girl gone bad
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Krista just wants Dating In Evansville Indiana
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